Saturday, October 6, 2007

Debating Alien Immersion (Introduction)

It is seriously a joy to be the pastor of a church where the topic for debate is the proper administration of believer's baptism and not the color of the carpet. Our church is currently trying to decide what to do about those who have been baptized as believers in other denominations. Should we accept their profession of faith and vote them into the membership, or should we require them to be re-baptized?

What a healthy thing it is indeed for a church to search the Scriptures together for an answer to a doctrinal conundrum! My goal for our church's discussion of this issue is a heightened awareness of Scriptural authority. I want us all to learn the most important lesson of: "If the Bible says it, then that's the way we do it."

As for me, I hope I am not arrogant enough to think that my current position must be absolutely right just because I have a couple of degrees in theology. To be honest, I am keeping an open mind. I want to let the Bible speak to me just as much as to everyone else.

With that being said, I am embarking on a study of the issue with the use of several good books. I will be chronicling my discoveries here, for no better reason than it will be an easy way for me to keep all my findings in one place. I also hope that some of my church members will travel with me in this endeavor and that some blog readers from outside of our church will offer us some helpful advice along the way.

The books that I'll mainly be using are:

Each title is linked to its respective page on Please feel free to suggest other resources.

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Jeff Scroggs said...

You may want to check out "Manual of Church Order" by J.L. Dagg. Dagg has over 100 pages devoted to Baptism and has an extended section on the meaning of baptize, consulting both classical and koine Greek writings. It may come in handy.
Grace and Peace,